Version 1.3.0

New Plugins:

  • Vaadin
    • Register changes in @Route to the router when a class is modified (add new views on the fly)
    • Changes to a template model are live after a browser refresh
    • All internal metadata caches are cleared whenever a class is changed

New features:

  • #242HotswapAgent plugins may be included as a standard maven dependency


Agent Core:

  • #223ERROR ( - No match for watch event

Spring plugin:

  • #241Spring plugin registers a managed bean for a prototype bean
  • #221Spring Boot 2 projects throw NoSuchMethodException for __resetCache
  • #232Cannot create proxy for spring component without default constructor
  • #243HotswapSpringCallback not serializable

JBoss plugin:

  • #229JBoss - Plugin not found in the registry, error on random classloader jars.


  • #236Autodeploy snapshot from master to Sonatype
  • #224Release to Maven
  • #234maven central repos not include version 1.2.0