Support for Weld/CDI. Register a new bean class into BeanManager. Reinject injection points after bean class redefinition. Reload proxy factory after proxied class redefinition. Bean reloading strategy can be specified by weld.beanReloadingStrategy in

There are 4 possible values for this parameter:

# Setup reloading strategy of bean INSTANCE(s) in Weld CONTEXT(s). While bean class is redefined by DCEVM, reloading of bean instances
# can be customized by this parameter. Available values:
#   - CLASS_CHANGE - reload bean instance on any class modification, plus reaload on changes specified in
#   - METHOD_FIELD_SIGNATURE_CHANGE - reload bean instance on any method/field change. Includes changes specified in
#   - FIELD_SIGNATURE_CHANGE - reload bean instance on any field signature change. Includes also field annotation changes
#   - NEVER - never reload bean (default)
# weld.beanReloadStrategy=NEVER

Reloading strategy is powerfull mechanism for control the bean reloading according personal preferences. Following strategies can be used:

  • CLASS_CHANGE is most general strategy. It reloads bean on any class modification. Strategy ensures bean state consistency for each type of code change. On other hand it leads to recreation of session beans and lost of sessions subsequently.
  • METHOD_SIGNATURE reload bean if any method or field is added (including constructors) or existing method or field signature is changed. It also includes changes of class signature. Any class, field or method annotation is included into signature evaluation as well.
  • FIELD_SIGNATURE_CHANGE reload bean if any field is added or existing field signature is changed. Briefly speaking if a class data is changed.
  • NEVER is default strategy and less invasive one. It lefts the responsibility of bean reloading to developer himself. It can lead to session or application bean inconsistence. Experienced developer knows the best when the bean modification leads to inconsistent state and should be capable to manage bean reloading himself.

Implementation notes:

Plugin initialization is done in constructor in case if Weld is running under Wildfly or in org.jboss.weld.environment.deployment.WeldBeanDeploymentArchive in another cases. An instance of BeanDeploymentArchiveAgent is created for each bean archive found and then it is registered in BdaAgentRegistry. ProxyFactory is patched to call ProxyClassLoadingDelegate methods when proxy class is created. Each instance of ProxyFactory is registered in WeldPlugin in registeredProxiedBeans map. When proxied bean class is redefined than appropriate proxy factory instance is found and that is forced to recreate proxy class.


If a new proxy class is created than weld creates common beans instead proxied beans.