Support for ZK Framework. * Change default value for library properties of ZK caches. If you want to return original defaults, override this setting explicitly in zk.xml. * org.zkoss.web.classWebResource.cache=false * org.zkoss.zk.WPD.cache=false, org.zkoss.zk.WCS.cache=false * zk-dl.annotation.cache=false - part of zk-dl extension ( * Reload ZK Labels - Clear Labels cache after any .properties file change. * ZUL properties resolver - clear org.zkoss.zel.BeanELResolver caches after any class change * Method caches for Binding: * BindComposer - clear afterCompose method cache after any class change * BinderImpl - clear initMethodCache, commanMethodCache, globalCommandMethodCache after any class change

Implementation notes:

  • Plugin initialization is triggered after DHtmlLayoutServlet.init() method in servlet classloader