Support for Open Web Beans/CDI. Reinject injection points after bean redefinition. Define and register a new bean in BeanManager on new bean definition. Redefine proxy class if proxied class is redefined. Appropriate redefinition can be specified in file. There are 2 approaches what to do after bean class redefinition:

  • reinject injection points in existing bean instances - old bean instances survive
  • reload existing bean instances in contexts - old bean instances are lost

OWB plugin uses reinjection by default, but it is not desired in some cases. Therefore it is possible to specify reloading strategy in config: file using parameter owb.beanReloadStrategy with following values:

  • NEVER - (default strategy) reinject existing bean instances after bean class redefinition, never reload contexts
  • FIELD_SIGNATURE_CHANGE - reload bean instances after any field change including annotation of fields.
  • METHOD_FIELD_SIGNATURE_CHANGE reload bean instances after any method/field change including all modification specified for FIELD_SIGNATURE_CHANGE
  • CLASS_CHANGE - reload bean instances after any class change and any modification from previous strategies.