After almost three years we have finally reached version 1.0. Although it is not yet polished and there are many frameworks/features not supported, we think that we are ready to save developer’s time for standard project setup and daily work. Give it a try!

Special thanks to:

  1. Vladimir Dvorak - who took over project development (while original author Jiri Bubnik is busy on a commercial project)
  2. Ivan Dubrov - author of DCEVM project
  3. alpapad - META-INF + Maven Versioning support
  4. Jan Tecl - new website graphics

What is on our roadmap now?

  1. Propagation of Hotswap Agent (please share or write a blog), bugfixing
  2. Spring features, reload .xml configuration files
  3. OpenWebBeans (OWB)
  4. support for Payara
  5. support for HK2
  6. Set a roadmap :-) (if you want a framework or feature on our roadmap, plase creata a GitHub issue)